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Brief introduction
The machine is manufactured by the CHINA-JAPAN Joint Venture with complete Japanese technology and under the supervision of Japanese experts, Born from the advanced Japanese techniques and rich experience, the automatic high-speed packing machine has attained the advanced world level.

Suitable for packing instant noodles, biscuits, medicines, soaps, tissues, ice cream, chocolate, instant frozen foods and machine parts, daily necessities etc.

Capacity: 50~200 packs/min
Bag size: length: 70~400mm
Width: 32~150mm
High: 5~70mm
Floor space: 4400mm x 965mm (LxW)
Power consumption: 3.7kw single phase 220v
Net weight: 1000kg
Packing material: Any heat-melt-cut sealing materials like paper/PE, OPP/PE,OPP/AL/PE and etc.

Mechanical features
Design of mechanical structure is simple and reasonable, which makes the operation easy and reliable.
Adopting double-drive, automatic open-close vertical sealer system makes the vertical sealing stable and smooth.
High-speed, horizontal sealer system makes the sealing operate at high speed, the sealed stripes are clear and beautiful.
Function of automatic stop at the fixed position is provided.
Safety clutch for special products to protect the packed goods is available.

Electric features
Any operation mode and the necessary adjustment can be made easily by the control knobs and screws in one front location.
The digital indicator installed with this type of the machine shows the size of the film to be cut and packing speed, capacity and all the other data.
PC to be adopted reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable, reliable, maintenance much more simple.
The inverter is convenient and simple to adjust the motor speed.
The photo sensor is used to test the black mark on the film, noncontacting points and two-way tracing are available.

Scetch of packing process flow

Pack samples


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